A few of the projects our president has going

OCEAN - Orange County Executives And Networkers:
Back in October 2007, LinkedIn considered Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino and Ventura Counties to all be part of "Greater Los Angeles". As I grew tired of being asked if I'd commute to a "local" client whose offices were more than two hours away, I posed a simple question on LinkedIn: "Is anyone from Orange County (California)?" In short order, nearly 200 affirmative responses convinced me to put a bit of effort into establishing and running the group. By 2010, over 8000 members continue to show that the idea of local communities is still a valid one.

OCC - Orange County Connectors:
Orange County Connectors aim is to bring together professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds to help build long-term relationships and support businesses in Orange County. To achieve this we will be facilitating a variety of events that will be the platform to grow business in Orange County, as well as establishing a web portal to support our mission. We also believe that it is very important to give back and will dedicate some of the events to raise money and awareness for Orange County not-for-profit organizations.

Speaking Engagements:
Mr. Herschberg is a frequent lecturer/speaker on several topics - LinkedIn, Social Media, Networking (Online and Offline), Search Engine Optimization, and Online Marketing.

Job Board:
As there seem to be a significant number of people who are seeking new jobs as a result of the current economic downturn, I have set up a job listing board to offer assistance. You can find it here

Advisory Boards:
Mr. Herschberg sits on the Advisory Boards of several companies:

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