Developed lead generation system using organic SEO techniques and ROI-positive PPC campaigns to drive targeted traffic to localized cable service vendors. Maintained customer acquisition costs at 80% of budget.
Optimized keyword development, link-building strategies and site architecture to grow traffic levels 100x (from 340 unique visitors/month to >34,000 unique visitors/month) in a 6 month timeframe.

Journal of Commerce:
Developed SEO-optimized templating system for article and page configurations. Created 50,000 keyword PPC campaign and bid strategy for in-house management.

Developed site architecture and templates for system-wide vertical, product and page configurations. Created and managed 10,000 keyword PPC campaign, maintaining a positive ROI on the account.

CMS Products:
Developed online marketing strategy to facilitate the company's transition from a B2B to a B2C focus. Integrated social media, SEO, SEM, email and IVR channels.

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